What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy, also known as family counseling or systemic therapy, is a type of psychological counseling in Gilbert, AZ, that focuses on improving the communication and interactions within a family. It recognizes that individuals are profoundly influenced by their family dynamics and that addressing issues within the family unit can have a positive impact on the well-being of each family member. A trained therapist works with the entire family or specific members to explore and understand the patterns of communication, roles, and behaviors that contribute to conflicts or challenges. The goal is to identify and address issues, improve communication, and strengthen relationships within the family. Family therapy is based on the idea that families are systems, and changes in one part of the system can affect the entire system. Restored Counseling and Wellness Center, a caring clinic in Gilbert, offers this unique therapy to support families and fortify their connections.

Who Should Seek Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a valuable resource for any family experiencing major life transitions or dealing with challenges such as frequent moves, job or school transitions, loss of a family member, or caring for an aging family member or someone with a disability or special needs. It can also be helpful when any individual member of the family is going through a tough time or feels isolated, anxious or depressed. When one member is unwell, the entire family unit is affected. Going through family therapy can help support the struggling individual and also have a positive impact on the other family members and the unit as a whole.

How is Family Therapy Different from Individual Therapy?

While individual therapy concentrates on personal challenges and growth, family therapy looks at how everyone in the family interacts. It explores the dynamics between family members, including familial roles, values, communication styles, conflicts, family history, and more. While the goal of individual therapy is to explore one’s past to examine pattens of behavior and to reduce self-destructive habits, the goal of family therapy is to enhance communication, understanding, and overall support within the family unit. These collective improvements will lead to increased secure attachment bonds and a sense of belonging for the family, as well as fuel individual healing and growth for each of its members.

Common Issues Addressed in Family Therapy

Families in Gilbert, like families everywhere, encounter challenges such as grief, conflict, betrayal, and emotional wounds between different family members. Family therapy, in a safe space provided by Restored Counseling and Wellness Center, allows families to openly discuss and address these issues. Therapists utilize specialized techniques, including family systems theory, strengths-based therapy, and attachment theory to assist families in finding effective solutions. Restored Counseling and Wellness Center tailors their approach to address the unique needs of each family in Gilbert, making family therapy a collaborative journey for everyone involved.

How Can Therapy Help a Family?

Therapy offers various benefits to families. At Restored Counseling and Wellness Center, therapists work with families to establish a strong family identity by creating a shared value system. This collaborative process helps family members understand and support each other better when it comes to making decisions and processing difficult circumstances together. Therapists also work to ensure each family member is given an important role on the team, fostering a sense of inherent worth, value and belonging. Therapy, in essence, is about strengthening family bonds, ensuring that no one feels alone in facing life’s challenges.

In Gilbert, family therapy isn’t just a service families seek; it’s an integral part of community support provided by Restored Counseling and Wellness Center. It plays a crucial role in making Gilbert a more connected and supportive community—one family at a time.